Good design meets three criteria: beauty, clarity and functionality.

What I like most about my work, is its diversity, allowing me to take on creative challenges with a comprehensive set of skills and expertise – graphic design, HTML & PHP programming, photography and copywriting. From humble beginnings in 2005, across a vast spectrum of radically disparate projects and many hours of study and practice, I now mainly work for a selection of long-term clients in the food, wine and hospitality industry.

I believe in brands. A brand represents a reputation, a value and a social identity. It takes time to build a brand, and it takes time to understand and identify with a brand. That’s why I focus on building long-term relations with clients, offering them a consistent, coherent, one-stop shop for all their brand material.

When not at work, I walk, study philosophy and IP law, and cook for friends and family.

Jeroen Seynhaeve

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